SAFETY.           FAIRNESS.          JUSTICE.

My name is Sean Murray and I’m running to be the next District Attorney of the Sixth Judicial District. I have over a decade of experience in public-interest criminal law, first as a public defender and now as a prosecutor. I have worked in both the Twenty-Second and Sixth Judicial Districts as the Assistant District Attorney, the Number 2 working beneath the Elected District Attorney, after being promoted from Deputy District Attorney positions. I have litigated over 40 jury trials, including a litany of major criminal cases where the most serious charges such as First Degree Murder and Sexual Assault on a Child were charged.  I have litigated over 10 appeals in the Colorado Supreme Court and Colorado Court of Appeals and have developed a significant skill set in appellate advocacy to foster the rule of law in Colorado. Lastly, I have focused on rehabilitation efforts in many capacities during my public-service career. I have worked on Drug Courts in Colorado including the Sixth Judicial District Wellness Court and also serving as Chair on a statewide Subcommittee that provides training and educational resources to Drug Courts, Behavioral Health Courts, and Veteran Courts. I am the Chair of the La Plata County Community Corrections Board working to improve our local Hilltop House and to reduce recidivism in our communities.

I want to be the next District Attorney to promote a safer community, a fairer criminal justice system, and to ensure that justice is applied equally for everyone without bias or prejudice.  I believe that I have the right education, experience, and fair-mindedness to be a tremendous leader as District Attorney of the Sixth Judicial District.

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Introduction & Endorsement for Sean Murray

Greetings everyone,
I’m endorsing Sean Murray for District Attorney of the Sixth Judicial District. His track record of excellence, integrity, and reform are the exact qualities we need for this critical position. Please join me in supporting the standout candidate Sean Murray.

Barbara McLachlan

Barbara McLachlan, State House Representative

Greetings everyone,
The role of district attorney is vitally important to the safety and welfare of any community. The DA charts the path for how we deal with criminal justice issues, which impact the overall health, vitality, and vibrance of a community. The DA should be experienced, able to handle the toughest cases in our courts. The DA must have good judgment to guide the criminal justice system in a way that reflects the values of our community. And the DA must be a leader, able to inspire those around them to achieve excellence in the pursuit of justice.
Sean Murray is all of those things, and more. He is not only an excellent lawyer, he is an excellent leader, and is going be an excellent DA. It is my honor to introduce Mr. Sean Murray as a candidate for District Attorney.

Christian Champagne

Christian Champagne, District Attorney, Sixth Judicial District, CO

Endorsement from Attorney General Phil Weiser

Sean Murray is the right choice for the Sixth Judicial District Attorney. With his commitment to equal protection under the law, supporting victims, and promoting justice and public safety in his community, Sean will be an outstanding district attorney. Please join me in supporting Sean Murray for district attorney!

Sean Murray for D.A.

Attorney General Phil Weiser

Endorsement from Democratic DA in Boulder and prosecutor on the Mark Redwine case, Michael Dougherty

I strongly support Sean Murray. Sean will be an outstanding District Attorney for the 6th Judicial District. Through his extensive experience, Sean has proven himself as someone who will fight for victims and community safety, work to improve the justice system, and act with integrity. The 6th Judicial District is a special part of Colorado and Sean Murray is well prepared to take on this important role. I look forward to working with Sean as District Attorney.

Sean Murray for D.A.

Democratic DA in Boulder, Michael Dougherty

Endorsement from prosecutor Herb Bowman

When I worked as a prosecutor in the Sixth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Sean handled many of the Office’s serious felony prosecutions. A believer in the transformative power of the law, Sean was constantly analyzing, absorbing and forcefully advocating for its fair application. I know Sean is committed to finding better ways to break the cycle of arrest and incarceration for mid and low-level offenders, especially those with addiction and mental health issues. He is also not afraid to take difficult cases to trial and seek significant punishment for the most egregious offenders. In a small DA’s Office like ours, to be effective, the District Attorney must not only administer the office but also be a source of legal knowledge for the staff and carry a portion of the felony trial caseload. This is a challenging proposition for anyone. Fortunately, Sean possesses the skills, experience, and vision required for the job.

Sean Murray for D.A.

Prosecutor Herb Bowman

Endorsement from Deputy District Attorney for Colorado’s 6th District, David C. Kolbe

As a former elected Prosecuting Attorney in Indiana and current Deputy District Attorney for Colorado’s 6th District, I am pleased to endorse Sean Murray as our next District Attorney. He possesses knowledge, passion, and experience and will zealously serve the best interests of the People of Colorado.

Sean Murray for D.A.

Deputy District Attorney for Colorado’s 6th District David Kolbe

Endorsement from Attorney Bobbie Duthie

I endorse Sean Murray for District Attorney for the Sixth Judicial District because he has a strong moral compass and he evaluates both sides of a crime. He is dutiful/compassionate in understanding the Victim’s actions, and he considers the basis for why the criminal committed the crime in the first place. I value his passion, his love of our community, and his willingness to seek justice!

Sean Murray for D.A.

Attorney Bobby Duthie

Endorsement from Attorney Ryan Brungard

I join others and wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Sean Murray in his pursuit of the District Attorney Position for the Sixth Judicial District. I speak from experience. I have worked on many cases over the years with Sean. Sean has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. I genuinely believe that Sean is committed to finding ways to protect and advocate for the People of the State of Colorado (including victims) and prosecute offenses, but also at the same time remaining open during a case prosecution to working on ways to help an offender achieve success in their lives. To me, this truly reflects good prosecutorial discretion. Sean has always been incredibly informative when discussing with me my clients and his/her case, culpability, law application, concerns, struggles, achievements, etc. Sean is clear on his methodology, analysis and thinking whether in his written correspondence, at the podium in front of the court, or in simply having discussions with me. Sean’s knowledge in the criminal code and procedure arena is evident by virtue of his work product and the intelligent legal discussions we would so often have. Sean is a sharp thinker, considerate, and fair. I highly recommend and support Sean for the district attorney position.

Sean Murray for D.A.

Attorney Ryan Brungard

Endorsement from Attorney Felecia Charles

I want to express my endorsement of Sean Murray for district attorney. I have had the privilege of working with Sean for little over a year. Sean would is great person for this job. Sean is mentor and a great example of what district attorney should be. He is intelligent, hardworking, ethical, problem solving, and dedicated to seeking justice.

endorsement from Felecia Charles

Attorney Felecia Charles

Endorsement from Attorney Julie Westendorff, Former La Plata County Commissioner

I support Sean Murray for 6th Judicial District Attorney. I value his experience prosecuting cases in our community and I appreciate his balance, a commitment to restorative justice while enforcing the laws of Colorado.

endorsement from Julie Westendorff

Attorney Julie Westendorff

Endorsement from Sean Smith, La Plata County Sheriff

Endorsement from Sean Smith, La Plata county Sheriff

Endorsement from Sean Smith, La Plata county Sheriff

Endorsement from Democratic DA of 8th JD (Fort Collins) Gordon McLaughlin

I am pleased to support Sean Murray for the Sixth Judicial District Attorney. Sean has been a great partner on a statewide level working to reform the criminal justice system, protect victim’s and defendant’s constitutional rights, and keep Colorado safe. Sean is a diligent and compassionate prosecutor who will hit the ground running and make an exceptional District Attorney.

Endorsement from Democratic DA of 8th JD (Fort Collins) Gordon McLaughlin

Endorsement from Democratic DA of 8th JD (Fort Collins) Gordon McLaughlin

Additional Endorsements

Beale Tejada, Criminal Defense Attorney

Beth Crane, Criminal Defense Attorney

Mike Le Roux, Archuleta County Sheriff

Bruce Conrad, San Juan County Sheriff in Silverton